Skin care products for hotels

Skin care products for hotels

 Hudvårdsprodukter för hotell

Ecoestic Sweden is an innovative brand that creates organic skin care products for hotels, inspired by the natural beauty of Swedish nature. The ingredients used in all Ecoestic products come from Europe and are specially selected for their safety and quality as well as their therapeutic benefits. Each product has a lovely scent of chamomile and lavender flower that fills every room with its soothing scent.

By choosing Ecoestic Sweden's skin care products, hotels can give their guests an unforgettable experience while helping to support the charity organization From One To Another, which works to give girls in Kenya equal access to education. All Ecoestics products are made from only natural ingredients, free from harsh chemicals or toxins, making them perfect for sensitive skin types.

Skincare products for hotels from Ecoestic

We understand that hotels need high-performance skin care solutions that do not compromise on quality or durability. That's why we created our range of luxury organic body wash and lotion bars that are certified vegan and cruelty-free - perfect for those who want to make an informed choice without compromising on luxury. Our 100% natural formula is gentle yet effective on the skin and helps lock in moisture without leaving any residue or irritation.

Our commitment to providing superior organic skin care doesn't stop there; each bar is also packaged using renewable energy sources and eco-friendly materials such as bio-waste packaging, allowing hotels to reduce their carbon footprint while supporting sustainable practices. In addition, our commitment to quality means that every batch of products is rigorously tested before leaving our factory in Stockholm before being shipped around the world.

If you're looking for a trusted partner in organic skincare products for hotels, look no further than Ecoestic Sweden - your ultimate source for superior skincare solutions backed by sustainable practices!