About us

ECOESTIC has put quality and natural products at the forefront.

Making a difference is an important part of the company and ECOESTIC wants to see itself as a pioneer in developing products that our customers can be proud of. The contemporary enthusiasm for technical solutions but still maintaining the holistic mindset is something that is valued.

ECOESTIC had from the beginning a goal to operate in the hotel industry.
We wanted to provide hotels with quality and luxury where the guests who visit should have a "wow" experience. The concept was developed and now guests can also take part in our consumer products on various sites or here directly in our webshop.
The company that has been built up in Stockholm but is now active throughout the Nordic region.
ECOESTIC must be for all, open and driving for an equal society.

ECOESTIC, a forward-thinking company.

Long before the concept of sustainability became known, we focused on the meaning of the word. The natural cycle and the vital power of the raw materials that are not harmful to the environment are the basis of all ECOESTIC products.

ECOESTIC is for all of us who strive to make better choices. Our paraben-free, salon-inspired formulas contain exotic, active ingredients, + they smell absolutely fantastic. Our mission? We will never sacrifice performance in our pursuit of sustainable development.
Sustainability is nothing new for us, rather a matter of course in our company philosophy.
Our products come almost exclusively from naturally certified ingredients and meets the requirements for fair trade.
We need nature but nature also needs us. Together we make an effort to preserve the earth for future generations.

ECOESTIC also works and supports the charity "FROM ONE TO ANOTHER"
A project we are incredibly proud of and we annually donate some of our income to.
And of course… Our products are not animal tested.