Hotel shampoo

Hotel shampoo

Hotell schampo

Are you looking for a hotel shampoo that gives your guests a unique and luxurious experience? Ecoestic Sweden's organic hair and skin care products are inspired by the beauty of Swedish nature and can be tailored perfectly for all guesthouse situations. Our natural, non-toxic formulas contain the scent of chamomile and lavender flowers for an incredibly relaxing scent that will help your guests unwind in the comfort of their rooms.

Our products are made from only the highest quality ingredients, ensuring that every guest enjoys the highest quality. In addition, when you purchase Ecoestic Sweden products for your hotel, you not only give your guests the care they deserve, but also help support From One To Another - a charity dedicated to giving girls in Kenya equal access to education.


At Ecoestic Sweden, we understand the importance of giving your guests an unforgettable experience starting from their first interaction at check-in. With our range of superior quality shampoos made from organic ingredients, you can ensure that every guest has a luxurious yet eco-conscious stay.

Hotel shampoo

Hotell shampoo

Our shampoos consist of carefully selected plant-based ingredients such as aloe vera extract, shea butter and jojoba oil that powerfully nourish both hair and skin without leaving behind any harsh chemical residues. In addition, they do not contain parabens or phthalates so you do not have to worry about any health risks associated with these compounds.

Plus, our shampoos come in bottles made from recycled materials so you know you're doing your bit for environmental sustainability too! By choosing Ecoestic Sweden's hotel shampoos for your hotel business, you can be safe in the knowledge that both your guests and the planet will benefit from this decision.

We also believe in making luxury accessible to everyone so we offer our products at very competitive prices. When you buy from us, you also become part of a larger movement that is dedicated to making a positive difference in people's lives - something that is prioritized above everything else we do here at Ecoestic Sweden!