Wholesale hotel products

Wholesale hotel products

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Ecoestic Sweden is an environmentally conscious Swedish brand that has created a series of organic hair and skin care products inspired by nature. Ecoestics products are made with the highest quality ingredients in Europe and have a lovely scent of chamomile and lavender flowers. By purchasing Ecoestic's products, customers also help support the charity From One To Another, which works for girls' equal right to education in Kenya.

Wholesale hotels are a good way to buy products from Ecoestic Sweden on a large scale. Buying wholesale offers many benefits such as reduced costs, convenience and the ability to try new products without having to buy them individually. Wholesale hotels give customers access to Ecoestic's entire range of organic hair and skin care products at discounted prices.

For those looking for even more savings, stocking wholesale hotel products from Ecoestic can provide significant savings compared to purchasing individual items from retailers. Wholesale orders are often much larger than retail orders, meaning larger discounts for customers who buy wholesale. In addition to offering deep discounts on its own lines of high-quality natural beauty products, Ecoestic also offers special offers on selected partner brands such as L'Oréal Professionel and Wella Professional among others.

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Ecoestic also has a partnership program available to hotel chains and other establishments that enable them to offer their guests eco-friendly luxury beauty services while reducing the cost of doing so. The partnership program is designed to help hotels reduce their carbon footprint while offering their guests luxury amenities such as organic shampoos and conditioners or professional beauty treatments such as facials, massages and manicures. The benefit of partnering with Ecoestic comes in the form of discounted prices on all eco-friendly beauty treatments as well as free product samples.

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Finally, if you're looking for something unique, you're in luck as Ecoestic has a range of exclusive specialty products that you won't find anywhere else. From exfoliating soaps made from natural ingredients like sea salt and lemon juice to nourishing conditioners for daily use; these specialty products can add an extra touch of luxury to your guest experience while ensuring they receive premium organic skincare treatments during their stay.

Overall, hotel wholesale through Ecoestic Sweden is a great way to not only save money but also do good by supporting a charity that promotes global equality while reducing your environmental impact by using natural ingredients and sustainable packaging solutions where possible. Whether you're stocking up on shampoo or picking up some specialty items; when you shop at Ecostetic Sweden, you know that you are making a conscious choice for your health - both yours and the planet's!