Vi välkomnar Berns Hotel till Ecoestic - Ecoestic Sweden

We welcome Berns Hotel to Ecoestic

by Ecoestic Sweden on Sep 01, 2023

We are happy and proud to announce that Ecoestic Sweden is now taking an exciting step forward by becoming a proud supplier to the prestigious Berns Hotel! It is with great pleasure that we share this exclusive partnership, where together with Berns we strive to elevate the hotel experience.

A harmonious synergy binds Berns Hotel and Ecoestic Sweden together. We share the same vision of offering a unique luxury experience, where quality is at the center without compromising our responsibility towards the planet and its inhabitants. An important aspect that unites us is our signature scent, a sublime combination of aloe, chamomile and organic lavender.

With this carefully selected fragrance, hotel visitors can now enjoy the fresh feeling of Swedish summer all year round. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that invites relaxation and well-being, and we are happy to share this with Berns Hotellen's guests. We are committed to being environmentally friendly in everything we do. 

Ecoestic Sweden proudly takes on the responsibility of not testing animals during the production of our products. We believe in caring for our common home, and it is our endeavor to create products that are kind to both nature and its creatures. For us, this partnership is more than just a collaboration; it is a common goal to improve the hotel experience and at the same time show care for our planet. We look forward to contributing to Berns Hotell's fantastic atmosphere and making the stay of their guests even more memorable.

Thank you for your continued support and trust. Together with Berns Hotell, we strive to continue offering you the very best products and experiences.


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