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Robotlager x Ecoestic Sweden = Sant

by Ecoestic Sweden on May 26, 2023

We are pleased to announce that we will be moving our warehouse to Bring's warehouse in Rosersberg. This strategic move enables our investment in expansion and expansion of our offer. Bring's warehouse is already used by well-known companies such as CDON and Revolutionrace, which have high order volumes and benefit from Bring's efficient solutions and processes for handling orders.
In addition, it gives us the flexibility to choose the shipping company that suits you, whether it's Budbee, PostNord, DHL, Bring or something else.

Bring's warehouse is fully automated and the autostore is already used by several customers - soon Ecoestic Sweden will also benefit from this modern solution.
For Ecoestic Sweden, the choice to move our warehouse to Bring was obvious, as their overall vision harmonizes perfectly with our own. We look forward to benefiting from their investments in modern solutions, including picking automation and complete flexibility, but above all their strong focus on sustainability and the environment.
The warehouse move is currently underway and the new orders will now be shipped from the facility in Rosersberg. For you as a customer, this means the following benefits:

  • Faster deliveries, including the option of same-day delivery.
  • An improved shipping experience with better packaging and real-time tracking.
  • More environmentally friendly deliveries and cooperation with actors who focus on sustainability.
  • Improved handling of returns.
  • A wide range of shipping options, beyond just DHL.

We at Ecoestic Sweden are enthusiastic about this warehouse move and look forward to offering our customers even better service, faster deliveries and a more environmentally friendly solution.

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