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6 reasons why you are losing hair

by Ecoestic Sweden on Feb 24, 2022

When you lose hair, it is usually due to some physical or mental imbalance, examples that we will talk about are stress, vitamin deficiency, diseases and infections . Most commonly, the hair grows back on its own once the cause has been treated. In some cases, the hair must be treated or it cannot be treated and the hair loss is permanent.

1. Hormones

Hormones can make you lose hair when you go through puberty, for example, there are hormones that can lead to hair loss such as the sex hormone testosterone and in other cases it can be the hormone cortisol which is affected by stress which leads to reduced blood flow to the skin. In any case, the hair usually grows back on its own, but if the hair does not grow back, you can get the help of a dermatologist for investigation.

2. Vitamin deficiency

Hair loss can also be due to iron deficiency, lack of magnesium, zinc and various vitamins and proteins. Medicines can also lead to hair loss such as birth control pills, antidepressants and beta blockers. The hair grows back when the balance in the body has normalized

3. Infections

It is common to lose hair a few months after a severe infection such as the flu, but in this case the hair usually grows back after about 6 months.

4. Diseases

Diseases can also lead to Alopecia such as Iron deficiency, diabetes and thyroid diseases. Some skin diseases usually lead to hair loss, such as fungal infection of the scalp. The hair falls out in certain areas of the head, which luckily grows back if treated. In most cases, you can treat hair loss by first treating the disease. Otherwise, you can go to a doctor who can prescribe a prescription medicine

5. Stress

Whatever the reason, stress can actually lead to hair loss. You can get stress from pressure or problems at school, work and financial problems but in most cases the same hairs will grow back after you feel better. One treatment option is therapy.

6. Genes

Another reason that cannot be treated is genes. Genes can cause the hair to disappear or become thinner but it is most common in men in which case hair can start to fall out in their twenties.

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